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France's department of Drôme is an area rich in places to go and things to experience.

Not far from ski stations of Isere, such as Villard de Lans, Correçons en Vercors and Autrans, Hôtel Karène is ideally situated for those who love to hit the slopes or enjoy hiking, fishing or even more intense sporting activities like all-terrain bicycling, Nordic skiing, handgliding, golf or horseback riding.

The Vercors is one of the most beautiful mid-elevation mountain ranges in all of France.
Just under 20 minutes from the Valence TGV (High Speed Train) station and between the Grenoble - Valence corridor, we welcome your stay at Hôtel Karène.

La Drôme des Collines (or Drôme Hills) offers you very different views and landscapes.

You will enjoy also the unforgetable places the area has to offer, such as:
        - Le Palais idéal du Facteur Cheval (Postman Cheval's Palace);
        - Le Musée International de la Chaussure (International shoe museum);
        - Le Musée de la Résistance à Vassieux en Vercors (Museum of the Resistance at Vassieux in Vercors);
        - Les Grottes de Choranges (The caves of Choranges)
        - Le Musée de l'Eau (Water Museum)

Throughout the year, The Hôtel Karène enjoys taking part in local events like:
        - Fête de la raviole (Ravioli Festival),
        - Fête de la Pogne (Pogne Bread Festival),
        - La Foire de Romans (The Romain Town Fair with 100 000 visitors),
        - Tour de France,
        - Monté-Carlo Rally,...

In autumn, winter or springtime, The Hôtel Karène will aim to please you and your loved ones during your family vacation.

Close to the main motorways, we are there to make your Drôme des Collines holiday enjoyable.

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